That Hawaiian Vibe

Burger with avocado!

Burger with avocado!

本日は横浜駅の近くにいたのでお昼に大好きなハワイアン風バーガーを食べに行きました。夏気分でした♪ クア・アイナ横浜横浜ベイクォーターではアボカドトッピングは3月末まで無料(要クーポン↓)

It isn’t spring yet but I’m already fastforwarding to summer. The Hawaiian vibe of KUA’AINA at Yokohama Bay Quarter was just perfect for a comforting burger on a cold rainy day. Avocado topping’s free until the end of this month using the coupon above (Yey!)

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KUA’AINA – official site of the best burgers in town.

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