An Art Deco-style Desk

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope this year will be better than last year!

The Art Deco desk in context.

The Art Deco desk in context.

My first 3D model for 2012 is an Art Deco-style desk. I’m hoping to complete an Art Deco-ish hotel room so I’m starting to create the parts.

The Art Deco desk, all by itself.

The Art Deco desk, all by itself.

What’s a hotel room without a desk? I saw a photo on Flickr of the perfect Art Deco-style desk. It was veneered in rosewood, and its drawers and pulls had chrome plating for decoration. I modeled the desk you see here after it.

The Art Deco desk, wireframe view.

The Art Deco desk, wireframe view.

Modeling: Shade 12
Rendering: Shade 12, Path tracing
Lighting: Radiosity
File format: Shade (.shd), 3D Studio (.3ds), Wavefront OBJ (.obj)
File size: 24.4 MB (.shd), 389 KB (.3ds), 2.5 MB (.obj)
Textures included: Yes

Please excuse the desk model for having: too many polygons, poor texture alignment, bad lighting, etc. I hope to be able to offer better models as the days go by!

Modeled and rendered with Shade 12 (Path tracing with radiosity).


The chair shown in the render is by alexander007 at Turbosquid. The desk lamp is by nobicasa also at Turbosquid. Wood textures for the desk is from Pollaro Custom Furniture. See Sources below for the links.

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External Links to Sources

Pollaro Custom Furniture – source of the rosewood textures for the desk.
Gilda Bigilda chair – by alexander007 at Turbosquid.
Desk lamp – by nobicasa at Turbosquid.

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3 Responses to “An Art Deco-style Desk”

  1. kriss says:

    happy new year! great way to start the year–study desk! it’s clear what you’re telling yourself 😉 me should hit them books as well…

    • Happy New Year to you, too, Krissie! Hope this year will be a great one.

      Yes, let’s study! 😉 Being this old doesn’t mean we can now stop studying. Seems like the old brain here no longer has any sponge-like quality, though!

  2. Some comments from Google Plus:

    Toshio S – Looks real.
    Jan 2, 2012

    Takahiro Y – I have no idea how long it takes to creat a thing like this. I bet it takes longer than a click. Looking forward to your works! 明けましておめでとうございます!

    Michael W – I need to show this to my daughter. She’s been playing with Google’s Sketchup for a while. She started off creating simple houses, then started playing more with odd shaped windows for her houses. A couple days ago she designed in it what she calls her personal crest in 3D.

    Amazing work.

    Jeff M – I’m so glad you made it +Beverly Claire Kaiya ! I’m glad you also include the looks and sounds so complex…

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