An Art Deco-style Bookshelf

Today’s model is an egg-shaped, Art Deco-style bookshelf.

I found the photos below, and I loved the egg-like shape so much I wanted to make one for myself. But I had other things to do and kept putting it off. Now finally!

Egg-shaped, Art Deco bookshelves.

Egg-shaped, Art Deco bookshelves. From left to right: Bookshelf from, and See Source links below for details.

For our shelf model, I used a burr amboyna beauty from It’s the same one I used for the other furniture in the Enamored with Art Deco furniture series I made last year. ”Furniture sets” were a big thing during the height of Art Deco popularity. Bed, cabinets, shelves, all veneered with the same material and in the same style. It might also be a good idea to use a rosewood texture here, to match the Art Deco desk I made previously.

The Art Deco bookshelf, all by itself.

The Art Deco bookshelf, all by itself.

I lessened the glossiness of the model, but will probably add heaps when rendering the entire hotel room. Buffed and polished is an Art Deco furniture must! Kinda tricky to produce all that glossiness when using radiosity for global illumination (increasing the reflection and luminescence properties of the texture sometimes ends up with unwanted results), but I’ll work on it.

The Art Deco bookshelf, wireframe view.

The Art Deco bookshelf, wireframe view.

One thing that I regret with this model is that I took the shortcut of not putting a fillet on the edges. I wanted to make the model lighter, but I’m the first to admit it doesn’t look good. Next time I hope to offer a filetted version. Or better yet, work on the one with the staggered double base.

Modeled and rendered with Shade 12 (Path tracing with radiosity).

I’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts!

So what do you think of our bookshelf model? Do share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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Books to Consider

External Links to Sources – source of the bookcase in blond walnut photo.
Feel the 20ies – source of the dark brown (mahogany?) bookcase photo.
ICT Antiques Art Deco Furniture – source of pair of bookcases in what looks like rosewood.

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3 Responses to “An Art Deco-style Bookshelf”

  1. kriss says:

    ohhhh, i do like the egg-like shape myself. would have wanted you to make it rosewood, to match the desk.

    • Yes, indeed, using rosewood here would make it pair nicely with the desk. I’ll try to redo the model, this time with rosewood veneer, filleted edges and a double base! I learned that taking shortcuts don’t work (at least, not in this particular case).

  2. Here’s a comment from Google Plus:

    In 5 Jan 2012 Stefan wrote:

    “Very nicely done and excellent rendering! You should also consider to post your beautiful works at the Shade 3D Facebook group, so that more people can enjoy your work.”


  1. Art Deco Bookshelf with Uplighter | Beverly Claire Designs - [...] a 3D virtual room model of the Art Deco egg-shaped bookshelf I had modeled previously. Also the Eugene Printz…

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