Another Sunset with Mt. Fuji in the Background

Mt. Fuji as part of the urbanscape

Mt. Fuji as part of the urbanscape


Good evening (or morning/afternoon)! The other day I posted a photo of Yokohama City’s Minatomirai at sunset, with Mt. Fuji in the background, as seen from the Osanbashi sea terminal. That pic was all zoomed up; this one’s with a wider lens 🙂

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17 Responses to “Another Sunset with Mt. Fuji in the Background”

  1. I love mountains seen from distance

  2. Hiro Matsu says:


  3. こんばんわ!

  4. +Sławomir Bosak Thank you very much! I'm really glad to hear that. It was just the tip that was visible, but it really made the scene more special 🙂

  5. +Hiro Matsu ありがとうございます!大桟橋からの夕焼けは何度も撮ったことがありますが、毎日見に行きたいほど飽きないのです^^ 気に入ってもらえてすごく嬉しいです♪

  6. +Yasuhiro Okuda こんばんは!コメントありがとうございます♪ そう言ってもらえて嬉しいです。はい、横浜港とみなとみらいの風景です^^

  7. Pam L.K says:

    The sky looks absolutely gorgeous. Great sunset shot!! 

  8. 新谷友己 says:


  9. Beautiful colors! You almost got Fuji on fire in this one!
    Maybe you could crop out some of the water to make the sky more impactful?

  10. Warm light reflection on the water and Mount Fuji in the fire of sunset! It's a beautiful place! 🙂

  11. +Pam L.K Hi Pam! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! It's a pretty gray, cloudy day today so when I look back at this sunset pic I'm thankful for when the skies are clear 🙂

  12. +新谷友己 コメントありがとうございます!そう言ってもらえて嬉しいです♪ 大桟橋からの夕日は大好きでこれから見に行きたいです^^ 次の小晴れ日和は待ち遠しいですね♪

  13. +Eric Guevremont Hehe, thanks. I never seem to get the timing right with the sun setting over Mt. Fuji from where I live. That "special day" is announced on TV even, but this year it was raining! About the composition, I'll try to find the shot where I took less water and more sky and post it later 🙂

    • slf says:

      Wow, a news announcement!
      Were the docks filled with disappointed photographers on that special date?
      I also wanted to see more sky and less water when I first looked at the pic.

  14. +Valentina Shramko Thank you so much for the beautiful comment! I really like watching the sun set from this part of the city. I think it's the best skyline we have here 🙂

  15. 高橋秀昇 says:


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